Welcome 2018 puppies!

Honey and Tug have done it again.

Beautiful, healthy, happy puppies are bouncing and bounding everywhere (in moderation, of course 😉 )

Puppies were born on January 5 and at the time writing this, are 4 weeks old! It amazes me how fast they grow.  This year’s litter has 5 females (2 are Tri-Color, 3 black and white)  and 2 males (both black and white).


Here’s a video with all the introductions! https://youtu.be/w_ptJdWhdaE

And here’s today’s playtime: https://youtu.be/aII92DHTFEo

Be sure to check out our Facebook page with all the latest pictures and updates: stilesfamilyfarm.mi



One thought on “Welcome 2018 puppies!

  1. vince lizzio

    I’m interested in a male puppy. we are Hartland MI. 5 fenced acres, barn and have had border collies, so we know and love the type. Please let us know what’s available. May consider a female. they are great looking! Please Call VINCE: 312.320.1402. thanks!


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