They’re HERE, They’re GROWING!

Puppy pic

It’s amazing….

Tiny bundles of love and cuteness are HERE!

They made their grand entrance on 6/27/17. Mama Honey did wonderful and pups are growing like crazy! 4 Females, 3 Males

Captain: Male Mostly Black and white with a large brown spot under the tail as well as brown down both back legs, on cheeks and muzzle and starting around ears. We expect him to develop into a Tri-Color

Jack: Male The brown and white of the bunch. He was born first of the litter. He has black appearing throughout his coat, especially around the ears, muzzle and down his back

Sparrow: Female She is mostly black with a brown/gray tint throughout her coat

Lizzy: Female  She is Black and White with a thin white line to her nose. She has black shadowing appearing over her nose.  She most resembles Honey, her mother at this point.

Beth: Female  She is black and white throughout with a white blaze on her forehead.

Will: Male  He is black and white with a large white blaze on his head. He has black shadowing appearing around his muzzle. His feet are white, but his paws are black. We are watching to see if he will develop speckling like Honey, his mom.

Pearl: Female  She is black and white with gray/brown tones throughout her coat. She has a distinguishable black spot on the top of her head like a Black Pearl. 🙂

Any Pirates of the Caribbean fans, out there?  Savvy!    *Disregard if this makes ZERO sense to you, mate!


Today their eyes are opening and they are waggling all around!


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